Наукові напрямки

Fundamental research:   

  • Mechanics (dynamics, durability and reliability of machines, components and structures in construction, transport and power engineering).
  • Power (development of modern energy-saving technologies).
  • Forecasting and modeling of economic, technological innovation and socio-demographic processes (development of mathematical methods and systems modeling of objects and processes, sustainable socio-economic development of passenger transport system in cities).
Applied research:
  • Optimizing the management of urban development in the current economic conditions.
  • Information and computer technology for the rational exploitation and urban management.
  • Improving design solutions creating innovative building designs and materials, development and energy-saving technologies that ensure efficiency of construction and modernization of buildings.
  • Studies of Environmental Engineering urbanized areas.
  • Organization of Operation and maintenance of rolling stock and power supply systems of city transport.
  • Development and implementation of hardware power and lighting cities that increase their operational reliability.
  • Resettlement, prediction and control of urban development, optimization of engineering infrastructure of settlements.